Wheel & Crevice 2-N-1 Pad

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The DDP Wheel & Crevice 2-N-1 Pad is a multi-purpose microfiber cleaning pad that helps to easily clean those hard-to-reach areas on rims and other exterior crevices. The dual surface pad has one soft microfiber side for cleaning sensitive rim and exterior surfaces, as well as another mesh microfiber side for scrubbing those hard to clean areas and surfaces with heavy grime. Its slim profile allows you to easily clean the areas where brushes won’t fit.

  • Soft microfiber construction for use on delicate rim finishes and exterior crevices
  • Slim profile to easily fit in narrow spaces and hard-to-reach areas
  • Safer to use on delicate surfaces vs. using stiff bristle brushes
  • Durable pad that’s machine washable


Quantity: 1
Length: 7.3”
Width: 6.2”
Thickness: 0.8”
Color: Gray with black satin edge