PolyTek Advanced Sealant

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Product Detail: The DDP PolyTek Advanced Sealant is best way to ensure proper paint protection is in place. It can be applied by hand or machine polisher and features easy removal. PolyTek is formulated with detergent resistant polymers and synthetic resins to provide protection lasting up to 12 months.

Directions: Apply to a clean and dry surface. 1) Shake well before use. 2) Apply thin even coat to surface using a high quality microfiber or foam applicator pad. 3) Allow product to haze on surface. 4) Buff off sealant using a premium microfiber towel using lateral motions.

Pro Tip: For optimal results apply PolyTek using one of our red or black Foam Applicator Pads. Remove sealant using one of our yellow Ultra Plush Exterior Towels.

How To Apply PolyTek Using an Orbital Polisher

How To Maintain Vehicle After PolyTek Application


Color Light Gray
Size Pint
Form Cream
Safe on Dark Colors Yes
Safe on Light Colors Yes
Carnauba Wax No
Polymer Sealant Yes
Protection Length 10-12 Months
Application Hand or Machine
Scent Black Licorice