Luxe Microfiber Wash Pad

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The DDP Luxe Microfiber Wash Pad is an ultra soft, high density wash pad that’s quickly on its way to becoming an industry favorite amongst pro detailers and enthusiasts alike! The premium wash pad features an ultra soft, plush pile Korean microfiber exterior that effortlessly glides across surfaces during use. The inner core is constructed of dense foam sponge, that’s super absorbent and allows water to be evenly released over the vehicle surface during use. The ultra soft, long strand microfiber design easily picks up dirt particles during use without scratching, trapping them deep within the fibers until the pad is rinsed to minimize the risk of swirl marks. When rinsing the unique fiber design allows for dirt particles to then be easily released.

The overall design of the Luxe Microfiber Wash Pad is a huge improvement from the standard wool and synthetic wool wash mitt or pad! The short fibers of wool and synthetic wool wash mitts and pads trap dirt particles, yet have trouble when it comes to easily releasing those dirt particles when rinsing the pad or mitt.

  • Ultra Soft, Plush Pile, Long Strand Korean Microfiber Exterior Construction
  • Super Absorbent Inner Core that Allows for Extended Usage During Washing
  • Easily Releases Dirt Particles from Fibers when Rinsed for Scratch Free Washing
  • Professional Grade of Premium Quality 
  • Durable Construction that Outlasts Standard Wash Mitts and Pads
  • Machine Washable


Size: 9.9” Long x 7.2” Wide x 2.2” Thick

Color: Red and White

Quantity: 1 Wash Pad