Exterior Crevice Brush Kit

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Our Exterior Crevice Brush Kit is a must have for the professional and serious detailer! The set includes 5 ultra soft brushes of various sizes to meet all of your intricate detailing needs. It makes it easy to gently clean the hard to reach areas of your vehicles exterior and engine. They're also great for motorcycle detailing!

  • Metal Free Brushes Made of Boars Hair and Mixed with Synthetic Fibers
  • Gentle & Soft - Great for Cleaning Engine Crevices, Moldings and Emblems
  • Great for Wheels - Easily Clean Lug Nuts and Hard to Reach Delicate Areas
  • Each Brush has Handle Hole for Hanging
  • Great to Use Wet or Dry 

Kit Includes 5 Brushes: 8", 8.7", 8.9", 9" and 9.5"