Engine & Wheel Detail Brush (18”)

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The DDP Engine & Wheel Detail Brush is a must have brush for the professional detailer and serious enthusiast. With this very flexible 18” brush you can now reach and easily clean those engine bay and wheel areas that were previously unreachable.

  • Easily clean the delicate, hard-to-reach areas of engine bays and vehicle rims
  • Very flexible brush that can be bent to the exact angle needed for specific task
  • Soft, dense polypropylene bristles that easily removes grease and grime without causing damage to wheels and other delicate areas within engine bays
  • Chemical resistant brush that’s easy to rinse and clean after using
  • Handle hole for hanging and storage
Overall Brush Length: 18”
Brush Width: 4” before compression
Bristle Material: Dense, soft polypropylene
Color: Black body with red bristles
Stem: Vinyl coated steel wire
Quantity: 1 brush