Concours Paste Wax (4 oz.)

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  • Long-Lasting Hydrophobic Effect
  • Formulated with Premium T1 Brazilian Carnauba Flake and Silica
  • UV Protection for 90+ Days with Single Coat
  • Maximizes Paint Clarity, Gloss and Color Depth
  • Layer Multiple Coats to Intensify Paint Enhancements
Formulated with Silica (SiO2) during our unique refining process to maximize the hydrophobic effect and to add heat resistance.

Directions: Hand wash and dry vehicle prior to application. Apply to cool, clean, dry surface in the shade. Clay vehicle prior to waxing to maximize bonding strength.

  1. Apply a thin even coat to surface using a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
  2. After application to all panels, use a soft, clean, dry microfiber towel to carefully wipe surface to remove wax haze.
  3. If additional gloss, color depth and protection is desired, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Handcrafted in The Motor City. Made in limited production runs to ensure superior quality control. Grab your jar before they're sold out.

4 oz. jar provides enough product to apply single coat to 15+ vehicles.