Crystal Glass

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Product Detail: The DDP Crystal Glass is ammonia and alcohol free allowing usage on tinted windows, along with any other type of screen. This fast acting automotive glass cleaner removes dirt, dust, smoke film and more with ease. It's fresh grape scent provides an excellent finish to your car's detail!

Directions: Cleaning your glass and screens seems easy enough: spray and buff dry. However following this detailed process, including helpful tips will ensure a complete and pristine job. 1) Lower windows at least to start with top of each window. 2) Mist product on microfiber towel or surface. 3) Buff in lateral motion using microfiber glass towel. 4) Roll up windows to closed position and repeat steps 2 & 3. 5) Repeat steps 2 & 3 on front and back windshield. Front windshield tip: complete from passenger seat to avoid steering wheel interference. Back windshield tip: for corners use back of hand on towel pressing firmly to clean edges and corners well.

Pro Tip: The DDP Crystal Glass should be used in conjunction with a Microfiber Glass Towel. The towels material and absorbency is key in preventing streak marks.


Color  Light Blue
Size Pint
Form Spray
Safe on Tinted Windows Yes
Safe on GPS & TV Screens Yes
Alcohol Free Yes
Ammonia Free Yes
Scent Grape