Lucid No. 9: Beads with Benefits

Lucid No. 9: Beads with Benefits

Ceramic and protective car coatings are the greatest innovation in the auto detailing industry since clay bars in the 1980's! I know some may think that's a bold statement, but if you've ever coated a car, boat, motorcycle or RV, I'm almost positive that you agree!

Lucid No. 9 provides your vehicle with a gloss maximizing, metallic and color depth intensifying, 9H hardness protective coating. One single Lucid application provides 3 years of protection! Another major benefit, is the ability to create an incredibly hydrophobic surface wherever it is applied. The word hydrophobic, means: tending to repel, or fail to mix with water.

Lucid No. 9- Hydrophobic Coating

This benefit makes your vehicle stay cleaner much longer, as well as clean up much easier during future maintenance washes. The picture below shows a closeup of a painted surface during a maintenance wash after Lucid No. 9 application.

Lucid application and photo by: Dezert Detail

Benefits of Lucid Coating Your Car

  • 9H hardness coating- Strongest rating possible in the pencil hardness test, providing maximum scratch resistance protection
  • Contaminant and environmental protection for up to 3 years
  • Maximizes gloss and hydrophobic abilities
  • Metallic paint and color depth enhancement
  • Ease of future cleaning and anti-static features
  • No wax or sealant applications needed for 3 years
  • Apply to painted surfaces, plastic, glass, metal and rims

Ferrari California after Lucid No. 9 application

Lucid application and photo by: Flawless Auto Finish 

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