Choosing The Right Car Wash Soap

When choosing a car wash soap it is important to chose wisely to ensure proper paint protection is in place. The use of a high quality car wash shampoo will greatly increase the longevity that automotive waxes and sealants will last on your vehicle. A quality soap should also be enriched with a carnauba wax, which will not only improve the shine of your vehicle, but will also maintain and even increase the level of protection that is currently on your vehicle from previous waxes or protective coatings that have been applied.

Keys of a Good Car Wash Soap

  1. PH Balanced- Will be gentle on the finish of your vehicle, this also guarantees that previous wax, sealant or protective coatings will not be removed.
  2. NEVER use dish washing soaps or soaps that are not specifically manufactured for car washing.
  3. A soap that is formulated with a wax is a huge benefit.
  4. Choose an Eco-friendly and biodegradable soap, so that it is safe for you and our environment. WE ALWAYS have to remain conscious of the detailing chemicals that we releasing into our environment.

Hand Wash Tips

  • 2 Bucket Wash Method- This is the hand washing method that ensures a swirl free, scratch free finish on your vehicle. You should have one bucket with a grit guard insert that is strictly for clean soapy water. Your second bucket should also have a grit guard insert and just have clean water with no soap. Each time before you dip your wash mitt back into the soap bucket, you should first dip the wash mitt in the clean water only bucket. When you do this you should also rub the mitt against the grit guard before removing it from the water bucket. By doing this you are removing any dirt or debris that is picked up in the wash mitt from previous panels. By following this process you're preventing yourself from contaminating the soap bucket and also eliminating the risk of transferring dirt/debris to the next vehicle panel you wash.
  • Use a proper car wash mitt or sponge. I prefer using a microfiber chenille wash mitt or pad. Synthetic wool wash mitts also work well, but they seem to pick up more debris that is hard to remove from the mitt...thus creating higher risk of scratching. Some people also prefer car wash sponges. It is strictly up to your preference and specific washing situation.
  • Always use proper drying towels. You want to use a car care waffle weave, soft microfiber or chamois towel when drying. NEVER use ordinary bath towels.

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